PaaDee Brand & Interiors Refresh

PaaDee’s menu has always been inspired heavily by Thai comfort food: the kinds of things the owners ate at their grandma’s house growing up. They wanted the restaurant and brand to reflect their cozy Thai roots more effectively, as well as evoke a more lively attitude.

After clarifying what was tonally missing from the brand, it only made sense to lean into Thai Grandma’s House: a comforting place where one never leaves hungry. A portrait of Grandma became the center of the brand, complimented by bright and lively typography in both English and Thai.

We updated the interiors to evoke the indoor/outdoor nature of so many homes in Thailand, filled with tchotchkes, shades of warm wood, and plants.

Roles: Creative Direction, Strategy, Concept, Interior Design

In Collaboration with Ellen Wilde and Katherine Garber
Photography: Christine Dong