Straightaway Cocktails

The folks at Straightaway believe that a tasty cocktail should never be out of reach. They deliver high-quality bottled cocktails made from the finest ingredients.

Inspired by the wanderlust Charles H. Baker, the brand is rich in cocktail history and lore. The labels pay homage to vintage luggage stickers, and each cocktail features an illustration depicting the conception of its respective drink. A vibrant and good-humored quality permeates the brand.

Roles: Strategy, Concept, Naming, Copywriting

In Collaboration with OMFGCO
Art Direction and Design: Ellen Wilde
Photography and Illustration: Orion Janeczek

“The dove isn't just the life of the party; she's been a celebrated guest at Mexican festivities for nearly half a century. Her origins take root in the 1960s - a moment where minds were hazy and ideas sky-high. Originally concocted as a simple mixture of Squirt and tequila, our rendition is a lofty blend or reposed tequila and housemade grapefruit soda with tamarind and pink peppercorn. It will have you and your company soaring.”
“To enjoy aperitivo is to unwind from the day’s events and prime the palate for any feast the evening may bring. What better way to begin the evening than sipping the botanical fizz of an iris-imbued spritz? Dotting the hillsides of Italy, the iris fiore, or flower, is revered for its aroma and regality. And regal this drink is: a sophisticated blend of floral notes with a touch of bitterness that positions it above the rest.”
“Truth regarding the genesis of the Cosmopolitan is fuzzy, and we’re not here to provide one bit of coherence. In an ever-expanding cosmos, our rendition launches from the version created by Cheryl Cook in Miami Beach’s heyday. Enjoy this pastel libation in your finest linen slacks, and make a toast to the evening’s celestial affair.”